The Press Pool For November 7th, 2012

Peter Baker, White House Reporter for The New York Times, “Question for the Victor: How Far Do You Push?”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid holds a news conference to discuss the election results.

Michael Tomasky, Special Correspondent for Newsweek and The Daily Beast,  “An Idea for Our Conservative Friends

Rossiland Jordan, AlJazeera English State and Pentagon Correspondent, “World congratulates Obama on victory ”

Perry Bacon MSNBC analyst/ editor.

Noah Bierman is a Boston Glober Reporter,”Elizabeth Warren Defeats Scott Brown

David Nather, Health Care Editor for POLITICO, “Obamacare survives—now what?

Olivier Knox, White House Reporter for Yahoo! News

Bill Press hosts The Bill Press Show.

Keith Koffler writes White House Dossier, a blog, “Catastrophe for Conservatives, But Not The End

Tim Carney, Senior Political Columnist at the Washington

Stephen Dinan, is national political correspondent for The Washington Times, covering the 2008 presidential elections and politics.”Morning – After Reality: No easy answers to gridlock

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