The Press Pool for May 22, 2013

Mark Murray, Senior political editor for NBC News, and one of the authors of The First Read Blog, follow him on Twitter @MMurrayPolitics, “IRS official takes the Fifth before House Committee

Tim Carney, Senior Political Columnist at the Washington Examiner, visiting fellow at AEI, and author of The Big Ripoff (Wiley, 2006) and Obamanomics, follow him @TPCarney, “For Barack Obama, speech isn’t free when it criticizes him

Michael Tomasky, Special correspondent for Newsweek/DailyBeast, follow him @Mtomasky, “Message to Bill Keller’s Psychiatrist

Niels Lesniewski, covers the senate for Roll Call, follow him @nielslesniewski, “Oklahoma Tornado Reignites Disaster Funding Debate

Jay Newton Small, covers breaking news for Time, follow her @JNSmall, “Wrenching Decisions as Tornado Flattens School

Chris Johnson, Chief Political & White House reporter for the Washington Blade, follow him @chrisjohnson82, “Leahy withholds amendments for gay couples in immigration bill

Erik Wasson, Staff Writer for The Hill, follow him @elwasson, “Here Comes Sequester Part 2

Alex Gibney, Oscar winning filmmaker on his new documentary : “We Steal Secrets:The Story of Wikileaks

Glenn Thrush, Senior White House Reporter for POLITICO, follow him @GlennThrush, “Jay Carney’ Press Briefing Blues

George Condon, Staff Writer for National Journal- covering the White House, follow him on twitter @GeorgeCondon, “President Obama: Mourner-in-Chief

John Stanton , Washington Bureau Chief for Buzzfeed Politics, follow him @DCBigJohn, “Anthony Weiner Is Running For Mayor Of New York

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