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The Press Pool for April 23rd, 2014 with Julie Mason

Colleen McCain Nelson, White House Reporter for The Wall Street Journal, follow her @ColleenMNelson, “Obama Surveys Washington Mudslide Devastation

Coral Davenport, Energy and Environment Correspondent for the New York Times, follow her @CoralMDavenport “Keystone Pipeline May Be Big, but This Is Bigger

Manu Raju, Senior Congressional Reporter at POLITICO, follow him @MkRaju, How Lindsey Graham outmaneuvered the tea party

Tom Vanden Brook covers the Pentagon for USA Today, follow him@TVandenbrook,”Pentagon deploying troops to thwart Russia

Eleanor Clift, writer/reporter for Daily Beast and a panelist on The McLaughlin Group, where she is the progressive side, follow her @EleanorClift “Blame this Drunken Bear for Vladimir Putin

Rich Lowry, Editor of National Review, follow him @RichLowry, “Billionaire Liberal Donor Gets Way on Keystone Pipeline

Todd Gillman, Washington Bureau Chief for The Dallas Morning News, follow him @ToddGillman, “Rick Perry feeling heady, calls Andrew Cuomo out for a debate

Alex Bolton, covers the Senate for The Hill, follow him @AlexanderBolton , “Is Paul really plausible?”

Lesley Clark, White House Correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers, follow her @LesleyClark, “Obama arrives in Japan to begin week-long Asia visit

Jess Bravin covers the Supreme Court for The Wall Street Journal, follow him @JessBravin

Dave Catanese, senior politcs writer for U.S. News & World Report and founder of the blog The Run 2016, follow him @DaveCatanese, “Democrats’ Answer to the Obamacare Attacks

Dave Weigel, Slate political reporter and MSNBC contributor, follow him @DaveWeigel

Michael Smerconish,  on his one year anniversary on the POTUS Channel